This delicious family favorite pizza taco recipe is made with essential ingredients.It is also fast and simple; in just half an hour or less, you can prepare this delicious dinner!However, I am looking for simple recipes that my family will love.I have some cooking experience, but I am busy with young people, and I usually eat out very quickly.

Every time I make a pizza with tacos, I don’t know who likes it more: my youth or my husband; everyone is consuming it and praying for more! I love her very a great deal too

With cream cheese, bitter cream from the “sauce” and the flavor of a warm taco, Mexican taco pizza suits Very suitable as a dinner for ordinary family members, and most suitable as an aperitif and meeting.

I love recipes that paintings for lots of things, right? It saves lots of time and energy!

* Ingredients I used:

° 450 grams of minced red meat.
° 4 onions, chopped finely.
° three c shredded cheddar cheese, I regularly use a Mexican blend.
° 2 medium packing containers of Pillsbury Crescent Chips.
° Packets of taco spice mixture.
° Refried beans, I used a sixteen ounces can.
° half of m chopped tomato
° 1/ 4 C of sliced ​​black olives.

* Methods :

Step 1: The temperature of the oven has risen to 375 degrees.
Step 2: I cooked and rinsed the ground beef in a pot.
Step 3: Following the instructions, I added the taco seasoning to the red meat in the tin and stirred well.
Step 4: I spread the half-croissant in a square gelatin dish or a square baking dish.
Fifth step:
The dough is pressed into the lowest and facets of a pie plate. And baked for 15 mins.
Step 6: I cooked the beans for 1 minute, and then sprinkled them on the skin. Top the cooked red meat combination and sprinkle with cheese, tomatoes, black olives and green onions.
Seventh step:
I baked for five mins and of course, I usually served it warm.

Enjoy !



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