Agua de Melon con lechera !

Agua de Melon con lechera :

Agua de Melon con lechera 🍈🍈(cantaloupe with sweet milk )A few people have told me to try it this way , I usually make it without the leche but I’m happy I did because now I’m in love!!! 😍😋 it is sooooooo  !!!

Mamabears way

Shave 1 cantaloupe 🍈 and cut into peices. Save some peices to add in later (optional) . Blend it with 2 cups of water( with the seeds) and strain into pitcher. Add in 1 14 oz can of condensed sweet milk or half if you don’t want it to sweet with 1 small can of evaporated milk and fill the rest of the pitcher with ice or 4 cups of water.Stir everything together and serve .

Enjoy !


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