Air-Fryer Southern Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich


2 slices bread light bread (white), wheat, or Brioche

2 eggs fried and seasoned to taste

3 to 4 pieces thick-cut bacon, uncured turkey bacon, or plant-based bacon

2-4 slices cheddar cheese

1 Tablespoon butter or mayo to melt and toast bread for toasting

1 teaspoon mayonnaise, optional for condiment for sandwich.
Directions :

Place 3 to 4 slices of bacon in air fryer on high heat, approximately 350-375 degrees.

Add a thin layer of butter/mayonnaise to two slices of bread on one side. You can also do this as the last step out of the air fryer, using a skillet.

Quick note – Condiment: If you like using mayonnaise as a condiment on your sandwich, you can also add it to the underside of sandwich bread.

Cook bacon for about 3-6 minutes or to your desired crispiness, set aside.

Fry two eggs in skillet and shape to size of sandwich bread or fold it over. Flip egg halfway to cook on both sides (prepare to place on bread).

Add a slice of cheese to bread then transfer fried egg to bread. Add a slice of cheese on top of the egg. The cheesier the better.

Next, add air-fried, crispy bacon to the top of fried egg with cheese.

Then place the other slices of cheese on top of bacon and place the other slice of bread to complete the sandwich.

Finally place your breakfast sandwich in the air-fryer for approximately one to two minutes to toast your sandwich and get it nice, warm, and crispy.

Remove from airfryer.

Optional: Using a skillet on medium heat, add butter OR mayo to skillet to melt then toast sandwich on both sides getting it a nice golden brown.

Serve and enjoy!