Calzone Recipe

° 1 basic pizza dough (recipe formerly posted withinside the feeds)
° Fillings of your choice (do now no longer exceed five fillings as it’s far too a good deal)
° Shredded cheese pizza mix
° Pinch of garlic powder
° basil spray
° 1 T.  Butter
* Methods :
Prepare pizza dough and reduce it right into a 12-inch circle, placed a layer of cheese on the lowest 1/2 of of the dough after which upload every other layer of cheese, turn the pinnacle 1/2 of from the pinnacle and near the ends via way of means of flipping and rolling inward.  Melt the butter and stir withinside the basil and garlic powder, smooth the pinnacle of the calzone, the use of a knife, make some slits throughout the pinnacle till steam comes out, bake at 425 tiers for 15-12 minutes, serve with a heat facet of pizza sauce.
Enjoy !

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