Chocolate Chip Cookies


Egg: 1
Sugar: 85 g
Unsalted butter: 85 g
Flour: 150 g
Chocolate chips: 100 g
Vanilla sugar: 1 sachet
Baking powder: 1 small spoon
Salt: ½ small spoon



STEP 1 :
I recommed you to consider using cake stamps or even better cookies !

STEP 2 :
Make sure to allow butter soften at room temperature. Then combine with sugaar in a bowl.

STEP 3 :
You’ll want to join egg and vanilla sugar.

STEP 4 :
And please add flour, baking powder, salt also chocolate chips progressively, blending well.

STEP 5 :
Afterwards, butter a baking sheet. Alright now, you may want to form dough nuts by spacing 2 large spoon, because they will drizzle out during cooking.

STEP 6 :
To finish, bake for 8 to 10 min at 180 ° C, and take them out as soon as the outlines start to brown.


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