Chocolate & peanut butter pancake cake


200g peanut butter
200g chocolate spread
icing sugar and squirty cream, to serve
5 eggs
750ml milk
250g plain flour
50g butter

You can adapt this recipe with other fillings. Make your own chantilly cream for stacking the pancakes by whisking 150ml double cream with 1 tbsp icing sugar and a drop of vanilla extract until soft peaks form. Then, try these suggestions:
At the end of Step 2, spread the pancakes with the chantilly cream, and dollops of lemon curd.
Whip the chantilly cream with a shot of espresso before making the pancakes in step 1, then spread over the pancakes at the end of step 2, and dust with cocoa powder in step 3.

First, make the pancake batter. Tip the eggs, milk, flour and a pinch of salt into a blender and blitz until smooth. Alternatively, whisk the eggs and flour together until smooth, then slowly whisk in the milk and a pinch of salt, then tip into a large jug.

Heat a roughly 20cm frying or crêpe pan over a medium heat, and, using kitchen paper, carefully wipe a little of the butter around the pan. Pour in enough batter to make a thin pancake, and cook for about 1 min on each side until golden. Slide the pancake onto a serving plate, then immediately spread with some of the peanut butter, then chocolate spread. Repeat with a second pancake, then stack this on top of the first. Continue cooking, spreading and stacking until all the batter, peanut butter and chocolate spread is used.

When all the pancakes are stacked into a ‘cake’, dust the top with some icing sugar. Cut into wedges and serve topped with some squirty cream. Will keep at room temperature for up to a day.


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