Clark’s “Crazy” Grilled Sirloin Steak


3 ” thick sirloin steak (order special cut from butcher)
17 sheets newspaper
1 lb. butter (not quartered), softened
1 26 oz. box salt


Step 1

This is crazy ……..

1. Using entire lb., butter both sides of steak.
2. Spread 1/2 container of salt per side of steak.
3. Using all 17 sheets of newspaper, wrap tightly with string.
4. Soak packaged steak in water (I throw it into the lake!) for 10 minutes.
5. Using medium heat of grill, cook wrapped steak 20 minutes per side.
6. Remove from grill. Unwrap newspaper and scrap off salt.
7. Put steak back on grill and cook 20 minutes per side.

….. Crazy, but extremely delicious !!!!!!!!!!!


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