Don’t Tell Me How Lucky I Am To Have A Delicious Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake…I Already Know

I had that traditional Grandma that you think of when you think about a kind, loving, old-fashioned granny.

I was one of the lucky ones. She got to stay home and take care of her house while Grandpa was the one that went to work and paid the bills. So, after Grandma’s kids were grown and out of the house, she had lots of free time. During her hours at home, she loved to hang out and make new things.

Certain days, Mom would let us go there after school instead of going home. Those days that Grandma was baking were like days of winning the lottery.

I remember one time walking into the most beautiful looking blueberry lemon bundt cake ever. It looked just like this one from the web. I couldn’t wait to try a bite.

Of course, she was ready to please us with her sweet treats too, so she sliced off big ol’ pieces for me and my brother. We gobbled the blueberry lemon bundt cake right up and went back for seconds. It was the best dessert that I had ever tasted!

The last time I took this to a church group meeting, it was gone before the meeting even started. Everyone sat down with a slice to devour while we went over the topics of the month. At the end, the compliments just came pouring in. There were even a few who asked for a copy of the blueberry lemon bundt cake recipe. Naturally, I gave it to them because I’m a nice lady.

This cake is the perfect way to kick off the summer.