Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken

The greatest and simplest chicken ever, cooked together with the most incredible sweet garlic sauce to crisp-tender perfection!
It’s incredibly juicy and yet you also have that incredible crust on top as well.
– 350g.Of boneless chicken breasts, I removed the skin.
– 2 minced clove garlic.
– 2 Tbsp.Of butter.
– 4 Tsp.Of brown sugar.
– A pinch of black pepper.
Step 1-In a frying pan, melt the tablespoons of butter.
Step 2-To the butter, add the minced garlic and cook it until browned.
Step 3-Add the chicken breasts and cook properly, adding as much pepper as you want.
Step 4-Add the brown sugar on top of each breast when the chicken is completely cooked.
Step 5-Enable the brown sugar in the chicken to melt, for around 5 minutes.
Step 6-Serve with your favorite veggies or salad. Traditionally I served it with pasta or rice and carrots or green beans.


One-Dish Chicken Bake