Garlic Butter Chicken

Chicken meat occupies a good rank in the food pyramid because it contains multiple nutrients that are beneficial to the body (proteins related to the body, healthy fats, mineral vitamins). It is one of the most important meats after fish. White meat is white meat.

The importance of chicken meat:

1- One of the foods that burn fat to lose weight.. (chicken) is delicious and varied in its preparation methods, and it has a high percentage of protein. Chicken is used in a variety of local dishes, as a culling lunch and dinner.

2- Chicken meat is one of the most important food sources needed by the human body. The useful element in it is lean protein, that is, free of grease (fat).

Protein is composed of amino acids, and the main role of these acids is to maintain health by protecting the cells of the body, hormonal balance, and ensuring consistency of muscle strength and skin elasticity. Chicken meat is considered one of the most important sources of protein, as it is easy to digest, and contains in one gram an amount of protein greater than that present per gram of beef.

3- Iron is a mineral salt that is very necessary for the formation of red blood cells in the blood, and one of the types of iron is available in chicken, so people with anemia should eat a good amount of chicken.

4- Chicken meat contains some mineral salts, including phosphorous, which is important in the process of metabolizing starches, fats, and proteins. In addition to vitamin D, phosphorus plays an important role in building strong bones and teeth, so chicken should be eaten.

5- Chicken meat contains many vitamins such as riboflavin, which are important compounds for the exchange of substances in the body and for the production of carbohydrates, fats, albuminogens, for energy production, for the process of respiration in cells, and others.

Ingredients :
2x 9oz/250g Chicken Breasts, brought close to room temp

1/4 cup / 40g Plain / All Purpose Flour

1/2 cup / 120ml Chicken Stock

6 tbsp / 90g / 3.2oz Unsalted Butter, divided into tbsp chunks (see notes)

2 cloves of Garlic, minced/finely diced

1 tbsp finely diced Fresh Parsley

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1 tsp Salt, plus more to taste

1/2 tsp Black Pepper, plus more to taste

1 Lemon, divided into 4 wedges (to serve)

In a shallow dish, combine 1/4 cup flour with 1 tsp garlic powder & salt and 1/2 tsp black pepper.

Butterfly your chicken breasts right through the centre to make 4 even sized breasts. One by one dredge in the flour (press in the flour to get an even coverage), give them a shake then place to one side.

Add 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp olive oil to a large pan over medium-high heat. When hot, add in the chicken breasts and fry until golden on each side and white/piping hot through the centre. Approx 3-5mins each side depending on thickness. Place to one side.

Turn heat down to a medium and add garlic. Fry for 1-2mins until it just begins to brown, then pour in stock. Use your wooden spoon to scrape off any flavour stuck to the pan, then add in your remaining 5 tbsp butter. Swiftly whisk as it melts to bind with the stock, it should turn slightly cloudy. Sprinkle in parsley and season to taste with salt & black pepper.

Allow to simmer for a few mins to thicken, then turn down heat to low and add back in chicken. Spoon over the sauce then serve up with extra sauce drizzled over and a squeeze of lemon juice to taste.