Homemade Cake Recipe

Wondering how to make a simple cake at home? Try this easy homemade cake recipe today!

If you are looking for cake recipes for beginners, you have to try this homemade cake recipe. What’s more? You can make this easy homemade cake recipe in cooker as well! A homemade cake is definitely tastier than the store bought one. But many people believe that making a cake at home is difficult. The best thing about this cake is that you can add any flavour of your choice to suit your palate. If you get the quantities right, this cake will rise, be fluffy and taste delicious. This sponge cake can also be your base for most cream cake recipes that you prepare. One tip that makes this cake perfect is the right way to mix the wet and dry ingredients. It may seem a small thing, but adding both of them together at one go may lead to tiny lumps that may affect the texture of the cake. The trick is to gradually add them together, mixing a little at a time. This cake recipe is easy to follow and you can make your birthday cake out of it and trust us, it will not disappoint you. You can use heart shaped molds for making Valentine’s Day or Anniversary Cake. If you want to make this sponge cake creamier, replace half of the milk with condensed milk.