Homemade Calzones

Homemade calzone is a delicate Italian favorite! Pizza dough is stuffed with cheese, meat and vegetables and baked until golden. No one will be free to  to resist this classic!
Everyone loves pizza but sometimes we forget that it’s an amazing cousin, the calzone. If you love pizza, you are sure to fall head over heels for this kid.
* Ingredients :
° 1 cup warm water
° 3 teaspoons yeast
° 1 teaspoon salt
° 1 teaspoon sugar
° 3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more flour
° olive oil
+ Filling:
° shredded cheese
° sliced ​​mushroom
° pepperoni
° chopped tomato
°olive oil
° Red pasta sauce I use Prego
* Instructions
In a small bowl, add yeast, sugar, and ¼ cup of warm water. Stirring also let sit for 6 min until foamy. In a bowl adding flour, salt also 2 tablespoons olive oil also mix. Adding yeast mixture and blend, adding a little warm water until a dough like consistency is formed. The dough must not be stiicky. Place in a bowl, coat the outside with more olive oil, then place in a bowl and cover with some kitchen towels to keep warm. Let it for an 1h TO it doubles in size.
The oven is heaated to 220 ° C. Meantime, roll the dough into a circle. Adding sauce also fill half a side with pastry brush make sure to leave some space on the edge so you can fold it easily. Add the remaining layer and drizzle with more olive oil. Carefully fold in half, pressing the edges together using a form and trim any excess with the knife. Add a few slits on top with a knife or fork. Brush surface with olive oil and add Italian seasoning, then place on a non-stick baking mat and cook until golden, about 15-20 minutes.
Enjoy !

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