Homemade Chicken Tacos


( makes about 25-30 tacos)
1 large rotisserie chicken ( shredded)
1 large onion( chopped)
3 tomatoes ( diced)
fresh garlic cloves ( to your taste)
Corn tortillas( warmed in Microwave so that you can fold into taco without it breaking)
salt , pepper, garlic powder , cayenne pepper
ground cumin( add as much or little of the spices to the chicken as it is cooking)


You are going to add your chopped onions, fresh garlic to a hot pan with a little oil.
Get it golden brown, add your shredded chicken and spices, mix well for about 4 minutes. Make sure your chicken taste the way you want it to. Then add your tomatoes. The tomatoes are going to give the chicken a yummy flavor and make the chicken juicy, let mix/cook for about 2 minutes, then set aside.