Homemade Pita Bread

This homemade pita bread is soft and chewy with a nice big pocket for your favorite fillings!

Pita bread has a mild flavor and a gentle chew, it’s great for filling, dipping, or scooping. This recipe is easy and fun to make.

pile of Pita Bread
A Versatile Bread

Some types of pita are thicker and don’t have a pocket (like the ones you often see at your favorite Greek restaurants served with souvlaki). This recipe is an old church recipe that produces a thin pita with a large hollow pocket inside.

This thin bread can be used for dipping, stuffing, even as a crust for pizza! Make a double batch to freeze!
No need for a bread machine. Pita is one of the easier homemade bread recipes that don’t need much kneading and very little clean-up!
Cut into triangles, brush with butter, season, and bake for homemade pita chips!

Naan vs Pita Bread

Naan and pita are flatbreads but they differ in texture (and ingredients). Naan has an egg and yogurt or buttermilk base with a chewier texture. Pita is made with basic bread ingredients like flour, yeast, and oil. It puffs up in the center, creating a pocket for fillings.


BREAD BASICS: All-purpose flour, yeast, sugar, salt, water, and oil make up the basic recipe for this pita bread.

SEASONINGS: Add some herbs or seasonings to the pita bread dough! This makes it especially delicious as a dipping bread. Try these blends: Greek Seasoning, Italian Seasoning, even this Everything Bagel Seasoning, which is really good for sandwich pitas!

process of rolling Pita Bread balls into cirlces
How to Make Homemade Pita Bread

Whisk ½ of the flour with yeast, sugar, & salt. Add warm water & oil, mix.
Add remainder of flour & knead until smooth & elastic. Cover and let rise.
Punch dough down, divide & allow to rise again.