Ice Cream Bar Trifle


3 (10.8-ounce) packages frozen double-chocolate cake slices, cut into 1″ pieces
2 (6 bars) packages original Klondike® bars, cut into 6 small squares
8 ounces dark chocolate-covered pretzels
12 ounces caramel sauce
16 ounces whipped topping


Adapted from
Step 1

Place the cake and Klondike bar cubes in a large baking dish and freeze until ready to assemble.

Gently crush the chocolate-covered pretzels into smaller pieces. (Don’t over-crush, otherwise your pretzels will become dust!) Reserve 2 ounces to decorate the top of the trifle.

Place 1/3 of the chocolate cake squares into a large trifle dish. Then, place 1/3 of the Klondike bar cubes on top, followed by 1/3 of the crushed chocolate-covered pretzels. Drizzle 1/4 of the caramel sauce over the pretzels and top with a 1/3 of the whipped cream. Repeat this order two more times, finishing with the whipped topping.

Add the rest of the caramel sauce and top with the reserved crushed chocolate-covered pretzels. Freeze immediately. Before serving, let the trifle sit at room temperature for 3–4 minutes (so the cake can thaw slightly.)


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