Mexican pozole for dinner

Chile sauce:
2oz guajillo Chile
2oz Chile California
2oz Chile New Mexico
1.5 tablespoons oregano
2 heads of garlic
3 teaspoon salt ( or to taste)
1 or 2 cups of water (depending how thick you see it)
2lbs pig feet ( optional)
5lbs pozole mix ( they have it at meat markets)
( or chicken can be used instead of pork)
1-2 large cans of hominy
Boil your meat with 2 garlic cloves half an onion and two tablespoon of chicken Knorr. Meanwhile make sauce: open your Chile’s and take out all seeds next boil all of them together for about 10 minutes or until soft. Put a little at a time in the blender with your ingredients listed above. Use a strainer to strain all your sauce. Once sauce is done add it to the meat. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes. Once meat is almost done you can add a can or two of harmony depending on how much you want. Let simmer for about 20 minutes until they are cooked. Once everything is cooked and taste is to your liking how ahead and garnish and serve 🤤

Enjoy !!