Oven Omelet

Serves: 12-15
18 eggs, beaten lightly
2 lb (or less) grated cheddar cheese
2 lb cottage cheese
2 c milk
2 c bisquick
1 c (2 sticks) butter, melted. to cut down on fat/calories, i use a little less butter than what the recipe calls for, probably closer to 3/4 cup
2 c green onions, sliced
1 lb bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled
1. Mix all ingredients together in a very large bowl. Cover and let sit in refrigerator over night. The next morning take out of refrigerator about 30 min. (or more) before baking if you can, but if it’s cold, just adjust the cooking time. Pour into 10 x 15 baking dish sprayed with non stick cooking spray. Bake @ 350 degrees for 1 hour.. til top is golden brown and egg is set. Remove from oven and let sit 10 min. before cutting into squares to serve. Serve with salsa and sour cream on the side. Note: you can replace the crumbled bacon with cubed ham, cooked baby shrimp or cooked crumbled sausage or a combination of any. I sometimes like to substitute a large can of green chilies for the meat or it can be added to it.
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