On to the ingredient list for your new favorite electric pressure cooker bratwurst recipe! 😉

Here’s what you need:

2 T butter
7 Costco size Johnsonville brats (these taste the best IMO). You, of course, can buy smaller packages from your grocery store
1 light beer- Michelob Ultra (any favorite beer of yours works, but this only has 2.6 Carbs for those looking for keto bratwurst recipes!)
NOTE: You can also cook brats without beer by either substituting a chicken broth, beef broth or alcohol-free beer.

instant pot beer and brats


Turn your Instant Pot to sauté and melt the butter

Saute brats 2-3 mins each side until lightly browned.

You’ll want to make sure they are laying down in a single line across the bottom, it’s fine to cook them in 2 batches if you can’t fit them all flat in the pot. Using long-handled rubber tip tongs are my favorite tool for flipping splattering foods.

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Remove the brats and place your IP rack on the bottom of the pot. Place the brats on the rack and carefully pour the bottle of beer over the bratwurst.

There’s some debate online whether piercing your bratwurst with a fork before you cook them in a pressure cooker will keep them from exploding, and I can attest after forgetting to do this twice, the bratwurst did NOT explode. That being said, if it makes you feel a little better, it’s totally fine to prick each sausage with a fork 🙂

Cook on Manual high for 8 minutes (depending on your Instant Pot model, this setting might be called Manual or Pressure Cook.

Slow Release 10 minutes or until the pressure valve releases.



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