Smoked ribs

2 slabs of ribs
Onion powder
Chipotle roasted garlic seasoning
Buttery steak seasoning
BBQ sauce watered down just a little
(honestly you can can use whatever seasoning and BBQ sauce you want. I literally just grabbed what I thought what would be good from the cabinet lol)
Rub a generous amount of all seasonings on both sides of the ribs. Wrap in tin foil. Cook on the smoker at 275 for about 2 hours. Flip them once about an hour in. Remove from tin foil after the 2 hour mark and “paint” one side of the ribs with the BBQ sauce. Or use a spoon lol After about 15 minutes flip and add BBQ sauce to the other side. Let cook the final 15 minutes and voila! I did BBQ sauce on one and just the dry rub on the other 😁

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