Snickerdoodle Cocktail (with RumChata)


▢ Ice
▢ 1 ½ ounces RumChata
▢ 1 ounce whole milk
▢ ½ ounce Amaretto
▢ ½ ounce Buttershots
▢ 2 teaspoons simple syrup for rim
▢ 2 tablespoons cinnamon sugar for rim
▢ cinnamon stick for garnish


Add ice to a cocktail shaker and pour in the RumChata, milk, Amaretto, and Buttershots. Cover and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
Dip the rim of a cocktail glass in the simple syrup and then in the cinnamon sugar, moving it around to coat.
Strain the drink into the prepared cocktail glass, garnish with a cinnamon stick, and serve immediately.


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