• Simply boil water in a pot,add salt then as it boils add your spaghetti,let it cook for 7-10 minutes.

  • Drain all the water out.

  • I use it instantly so I skip the part of rinsing it with cold water

Chicken strips

You can use fillets I didnt have them so I took out bones from the chicken pieces then cut it to pieces (preferably a bit longer)

Then rub your chicken with garlic,add mixed herbs, chilli flakes, paprika and chicken spice. Coat your chicken well then fry it with less oil for 10-12minutes.
Remove the chicken strips from heat.
Fry onions with garlic,add curry powder then green pepper.

When your pepper and onion is soft add your stir fry veggies (used the McCain small packet for R10) used half of it.

Add your spaghetti and lower your heat. You can add Worcestershire sauce and a bit of tomato sauce and stir well.

Add your chicken strips to your spaghetti or add it when dishing up.


Delicious Recipe