Stuffed parmesan baskets

Ingredients for 10 baskets:

400 g of Parmesan cheese

Ingredients for the filling (variable):

300 g of shrimp
100 g of pink sauce
200 g of spreadable cheese
2 stalks of chives
50 g of salmon


For an excellent output of the parmesan baskets you must have a perfect non-stick pan otherwise put a brush of oil in it (brushed because it must really be a veil)

Divide the Parmesan into 10 parts should result in about 2 tablespoons of cheese per basket.
Spread two tablespoons of the grated cheese in the hot non-stick pan.

Allow the cheese to melt evenly and using a spatula to form a round.

Always with the paddle as soon as it starts to color, try to detach without breaking, there is no need to turn it over to the other side. To make them in the shape of a basket, immediately transfer them still very hot to a glass and shape it with your hands, be careful that it is hot.

Stuffed parmesan baskets

Repeat the operation for each basket, in the meantime as they cool, prepare the filling.

Prepare the filling, drain the shrimp from their liquid and dry them with a kitchen towel, mix them with the pink sauce and fill 5 baskets.

Mix the spreadable cheese with the very finely chopped chives, put it in the remaining baskets and garnish with rolled salmon.

Stuffed parmesan baskets

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