Taco Casserole

Ingredients :
° 1 pouund minced meat
° sixteen ounces can of refried beans
° 1 teaspoon chunky sauce
° 1 kilo taco seasoning
° 2 cups mashed tortilla chips, plus greater for garnish
° 2 cups of Mexican cheese shredded cheese mix
° 1 huge tomato chopped
° three chopped green onions
° 2 c chopped lettuce
* Directions :
1.Fry the minced meat in a pan to let the fat drain.Add baked beans, tacos and salsa. Cook approximately five minutes, and eliminate from heat.
2. In a flat pan 9 * 13, unfold out 2 m. Tortilla chips spherical bottom.Spread the meat mixture on top.Put 1 medium cheese, 1/2 sunflower onion and 1/2 diced tomato on top.Bake in layer 350 for 21 minutes.
3 . Remove from the oven and region on pinnacle of the shredded lettuce, the closing inexperienced onions, tomatoes, some chips, after which the closing cheese. Enjoy!
Enjoy !

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