Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning Recipe

The grilled condiment from Texas Roadhouse Steak is actually dead! how could I know? Went to Texas Roadhouse and ordered some seasoning on the side! Then I took him home to imitate him! I did a side-by-side bait and invented to make my own copycat.
* Ingredients
° 2 tsp. salt
° 1 tsp. black pepper
° ¼ tsp. garlic salt
° ¼ tsp. garlic powder
° ¼ tsp. onion powder
° 2 tsp. Brown sugar
° ½ tsp. Red pepper
° ¼ tsp. Turmeric
° ½ tsp.  chili powder
* Instructions :
Blend all ingredients together in a small bowl, and blend until well combined.
Stored in an airtight bag or seasoning container for future utilize .
Enjoy !

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