A family favorite that comes together in a jiffy with staples making this a fuss-free nighttime meal that everyone will love.
* Ingredients :
° 500 g lean beef.
° 2 & a half cups chopped onions.
° Garlic powder I have employed tsp.
° A quarter cup ketchup.
2 tsp tomato paste.
° 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce.
° 2½ teaspoons brown sugar.
° Salt & ground pepper to flavor .
° 4 pieces Texas Green Meal Toast.
° Cheddar cheese .
** Preparation:
Before you start:
For good baking, the oven temperature should be set to 375 degrees for preheating.
Step 1:
Start, I brown ground beef wiith chopped onions on stove on medium heat, also dry it as easy as possible.
Step 2:
Nextly, I blended ketchup, brown sugar, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce and seasoned with salt also pepper in a blending bowl. Blend it well so that all ingredients are well blended .
Step 3:
Once cooked, cook over medium heat until mixture thickens to desired consistency
The fourth step:
Meanwhile, I put Green Mill Texas toast in the preheated oven, & baking the toast for about 6 minutes, TO golden brown.
Fifth step:
At this spot, I’m place Sloppy Joe Mixture on top of golden brown Texas toast.
Sixth step:
To end, spreading shredded cheddar cheese on every toast slice.
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Enjoy !