Tropical Brioche Bread Pudding

Add a citrusy twist to a dessert favorite with this flavor-packed recipe for Tropical Brioche Bread Pudding topped with toasted coconut flakes and a warm homemade caramel sauce.

White ramekins filled with brioche bread pudding being drizzled with caramel sauce

Glazed doughnut holes. Cheesy vodka pasta. Barbecue chicken pizza. Salted pretzel rolls. Brioche bread pudding.

What do all of these seemingly random dishes have in common? They all rank at the very top of my All-Time Favorite Comfort Foods list. And trust me, this list is not for the faint of flour. We’re talking about true comfort foods here. The kind that tickle your taste buds and make every. single. bite. an Instagrammable moment.

Take this Brioche Bread Pudding for example. Every bite is filled with glorious, glorious carbs.

White ramekins filled with Tropical Brioche Bread Pudding with caramel sauce dripping down the side

And that drip.

Oh, that drip. It was the final addition to my master plan for a recipe that needs little more description than the above photos. Because underneath all that warm, sticky-sweet caramel sauce are cubes of buttery brioche bread soaked in a thick and creamy orange-coconut milk custard.

This creation is my latest contribution to the Florida’s Natural® Brand Brunch Club extravaganza. Welcome to the party, Tropical Brioche Bread Pudding!

A glass bowl containing eggs, orange zest and coconut milk with orange juice being poured in

This is my third year partnering with Florida’s Natural, and every year I get more and more excited to dream up creative ways to take my favorite orange juice beyond the carton and the breakfast glass.

What I love about Florida’s Natural® Brand Orange Juice is that it’s made from one simple ingredient: Florida oranges! And that allows the purest orange flavor to shine in this recipe, which pairs the tangy citrus with creamy coconut milk, a splash of vanilla extract and plenty of toasted coconut flakes.

A glass bowl containing diced brioche bread and an orange spatula

I’ve been keen to make orange juice the star of the dessert show around here, dating all the way back to my favorite Orange Juice Bread. But this latest creation was inspired by a soufflé I recently enjoyed at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Splendido in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Imagine pillowy clouds of citrus stacked a mile high then broken down with a spoon and drenched with vanilla créme anglaise. It’s a fancy dish, no doubt. But one taste had me scheming of a faster take on this orange-flavored dream. And just like that, Tropical Brioche Bread Pudding was born.

White ramekins filled with brioche bread pudding arranged on a metal baking sheet

Brioche bread lends a buttery lightness and pairs perfectly with the orange juice and coconut milk custard. But there’s no intensive whisking, rising and waiting like there is with a soufflé.

Instead, the bread mixture is piled into ramekins and baked until golden. A few toasted coconut flakes and caramel sauce complete OJ’s sweet transformation from brunch beverage to show-stopping baked good that makes a perfect spring dessert or brunch item.

White ramekins filled with brioche bread pudding with orange juice in the background

Ready to see this citrusy goodness in action? Tune in to the video below!