beef and bean red burrito

Still with my grandchildren and made my grandsons favorite beef and bean red burrito and my granddaughters favorite veggie rice. It might be cold outside but it’s warm with my babies. Sorry it took me so long to add recipe, I was out of town and hate to type on my phone. Edit to add recipe. These are the steps I take to make this chili, I have no measurements because I cook to taste and it depends on the amount I am making. For this chili I used 7-9 chile pods, (New Mexico, California, Guajillo etc., whatever is available to you. Clean, de-vein and de-seed pods. Put them in a bowl or pan with a couple of cloves of garlic and cover in hot water. Once softened take the pods and garlic out and blend until smooth, I never use the water, it has a bitter taste to me, add a little clean water
just to make it easy to pour out of blender. Set aside. Fry ground beef with chile powder, granulated garlic and salt, add diced onion when almost cooked through to avoid burning the onion, just cook until translucent. Drain excess grease and add flour to meat mixture, cook through, the flour is the thickener . Add your blended chile pods, half water/chicken stock, (or water with chicken bullion), add slowly to not make a watery chili. Check for salt, and, if you like, add cumin at this point. If your chili is bitter you have used too many pods, taste your sauce and make adjustments. To avoid this, sometimes I will mix the blended chile mix, liquid and spices in a bowl before I add to the cooked ground beef, that way I can make changes without ruining the sauce. Bring to boil and then let simmer for at least a half hour. For the rice, I’m in Colorado and this is my water to rice ratio adjust for your altitude. Just brown 2c long grain rice, add diced onion when rice is almost done, onion burns easily, just cook until translucent. Add 2.5c half water/chicken stock (or water and chicken bullion), salt, granulated garlic, Knorrs caldo de tomate, I added half small bag of frozen peas and carrots, optional, and bring to hard boil. Let boil for about 5 minutes until water is thick and rice is starting to swell. Cover and lower flame to lowest setting for 20 minutes, remove from fire and leave covered another 5-10 minutes.

Enjoy !!