Caramel Apple Toffee Cake

The nutrition value of apple

Here are the nutrition facts for one raw, unpeeled, medium-sized apple (100 grams):

Calories: 52
Water: 86%
Protein: 0.3 grams
Carbs: 13.8 grams
Sugar: 10.4 grams
Fiber: 2.4 grams
Fat: 0.2 grams

The benefits of apple

Apples are characterized by their high content of antioxidants, flavonoids, and some types of vitamins, which made them a very useful food source. Here are the main health benefits of apples:

1- Support the health of the nervous system
Where some studies have found that eating apples helps reduce the number of neurons damaged by oxidative stress as a result of containing the compound quercetin that helps protect neurons, and thus apples help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and enhance the efficiency of brain work, and reduce the risk of dementia. with age.

In addition, one study indicates that people who eat less amounts of foods rich in flavonoids, such as apples, are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia over a period of about 20 years.

2- Reducing the risk of stroke
Some studies indicate the role of the nutrients in apples in reducing the risk of stroke, and the reason for this is due to the fact that they contain dietary fibers, which work to protect blood vessels and enhance their health and blood circulation as well, and prevent clots and strokes.

3- Maintaining heart health
Apples contain good amounts of fiber, antioxidants, such as vitamin C, in addition to potassium, which works to maintain heart health and normal blood pressure, and reduce the incidence of heart complications.

In addition, eating apples and the dietary fiber they contain, the most famous of which is pectin, contributes to lowering high cholesterol levels, especially harmful cholesterol (LDL).

4- Protection from diabetes
One of the benefits of apples is that it may help protect against type 2 diabetes, due to its proposed role in maintaining blood sugar levels as much as possible, as a result of its dietary fiber content.

5- Helping to lose weight
Swelling contains relatively few calories, and is free of cholesterol and saturated fats. Therefore, it can be considered a healthy and suitable option to be included in the diet for those who want to lose and maintain weight.

6- Maintaining the health of the digestive system
Among the benefits of apples is the contribution to improving the digestion process and protecting the intestines because it contains fiber. The fiber also preserves the mucous membrane of the colon from exposure to toxic and carcinogenic substances. It is very beneficial for people with constipation and helps stimulate the intestines.

In addition, apples contain pectin, which is an important nutrient to maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

7- Immune support
Apples are rich in many vitamins that benefit your health, as they contain good amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin C, which is a powerful natural antioxidant, important for resisting diseases and infections, and preventing cancer, especially breast cancer.

Apples are also rich in flavonoids such as quercetin, Epicatechin, and Procyanidin B2, in addition to containing tartaric acid, which gives the apple its sour flavor. All of these compounds help the body get rid of free radicals in addition to their role in boosting the body’s immunity.

8- Maintaining bone health
Some studies indicate the potential role of apples in maintaining bone health and preventing osteoporosis, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Time of cooking 65 minutes

Ingredients :

°4 apples
°120 g flour
°180 grams of sugar
°1 sachet of dry yeast
°1 sachet of vanilla sugar
°cinnamon (to taste)
°2 tablespoons rum or calvados
°120 grams butter
°3 eggs
°20 cl of liquid cream 5%


Cut the apples into 4 and then into 8 quarters.

Melt 30 g of butter with 50 g of sugar in a skillet over medium heat.

Let the caramel settle, watching carefully.

Once done, pour in the apples and let them cook for ten minutes.

During these 10 minutes, pour in the vanilla sugar, rum and cinnamon.

Meanwhile, we prepare the dough with 50 grams of butter, flour, 2 eggs, 80 grams of sugar, and baking powder.

Mix, then pour into liquid cream.

Grease a mold, put the apples with the cooking juices inside.

Then pour the dough, making sure that the apples are well impregnated with this dough.

Bake for the first time for 25 minutes at 180 ° C (thermostat 6).

At the end of this cooking, make a “sauce” with 40g of butter, 1 egg, and 50g of sugar, then pour it over the cake.

Return to the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.