carne with conchitas soup

When feeling under the weather, traditional Mexican comfort food to the rescue!!! πŸš¨πŸš€πŸš‘ This sopa hit the spot…
How to make it:
– 2 thinly sliced and seasoned steaks
– 1/4 diced onion
– 1 finely diced jalapeno
– 1 diced tomato
– 1 can of corn
– 2 handfuls of chopped cilantro
– 1 7 oz pkg of macaroni/pasta, choose your shape😊
– 3 small Roma tomatoes
– 2-3 cups of water
– 2 ozs of chicken bouillon
– pepper and cumin to your liking
– extra chopped cilantro, queso fresco, cut like wedges and tapatio for garnish. Yum πŸ˜‹
Sauteed onion, jalapeno and tomato in oil until onion is clear in color, usually about 5-7 min. Add pasta and sauteed until golden brown, another 5 min and make sure to stir constantly. Season meat with your favorite seasoning, I used Badia Adobo.
Blend 3 remaining tomatoes with water in blender about 2 min. Add to the pot and simmer until pasta is al dente, usually about 10 min with all other ingredients. Turn down on low and add cilantro and simmer for another 10.
Garnish and enjoy!!!