Chicken lollipop


Chicken Lollipop- ½ kg (approximately 14-15 pieces)

Soya sauce-2 tbsp

Vinegar- 1 tsp

Tomato sauce-2 tbsp

Chilli powder-1/2 tsp

Pepper powder-1/2 tsp

Sugar-1 tsp

Ginger-garlic paste- 1 tsp

Refined flour -1/4 cup

Cornflour – 1/4 cup


Salt to taste (check and only then add as soya sauce is also salty)

Oil-For deep frying

Method for making chicken lollipop:

1-Wash and clean the chicken lollipop.

2-Make marinade by mixing all ingredients except oil and chicken. Add a little water if required and make a smooth paste.

3-Add the chicken lollipop pieces and mix well. Keep marinated for half an hour.

4-Deep fry and enjoy this juicy chicken lollipop. You may alternately try baking the lollipops too.