Chorizo & cream cheese stuffed shell enchiladas

These aren’t traditional but I’ve been making them forever and they’re always a hit
Chorizo & cream cheese stuffed shell enchiladas


1 big can enchilada sauce (I use las palmas)
1 box large pasta shells
2 tubes chorizo (I’ve also used ground beef and ground turkey and seasoned with taco seasoning)
1 block cream cheese
Shredded Monterey Jack
Cook pasta until al dente
(you want the pasta a tad under cooked so it holds its shape and doesn’t get soggy)
When pasta is done run under cool water to stop then from cooking, this will also make them easier to handle
Brown your meat
Add as much cream cheese as you want (I used 3/4 block)
Pour enchilada sauce on the bottom of a baking pan
Once meat is cooked enough to scoop/handle stuff the shells with meat mixture
Pour remaining enchilada sauce over the shells
Add your shredded cheese
Cover pan with tin foil & bake 350° for 15min (or until cheese is melted)
Top with cilantro and serve
EDITED TO ADD: I drain the chorizo, and then add it back to the hot pan, then add the cream cheese and mix until it’s all melted
You can also add refried beans to the meat
Another option is shredded chicken, cream cheese, green chilies, and green enchilada sauce
Enjoy !!