Enchiladas michoacanas

6 Chile guajillo deseeded
4 California deseeded
3 Chile’s de arbol
2 garlic cloves
1 large tomatoe
4 serranos
Boil above Ingredients
Drain blend with Consome
pinch of oregano salt and some onion.
Once blended you’ll want to strain it fully to get any seeded out you want a smooth sauce.
For the queso it’s quesco fresco broke down.
So in our disco we added just a half cup of oil let it heat up a bit
Them after I dipped my tortillas in sauce and placed them in the disco .
Turn over after then add the cooked ones on the upper rim if your using a disco then I added my queso and folded over the sides.
Set aside around and continue to the next ones.
I did this for the whole batch used about half bag of corn tortillas I use Guerrero.
Topped with lettuvlce queso tomate cebolla crema salsa .
Traditionally this is served with papas fritas carrots and Pollo frita but I just did enchiladas.