Epic Beef Nachos Supreme

Required components:
° 500 gm miinced beef.
° Taco season.
° Half a large yellow onion, cut into cubes.
° 2 medium bags of tortilla chips, use 16-ounce bags.
° 1 medium can of fried beans
° Shredded cheese of your choice, mixed 400 grams. From Cheddar and Monterey Jack.
° 3 chopped tomatoes.
° 3 chopped green onions.
* instructions:
Step 1:
The first etape I did was set oven temperature 400 degrees F .
Step 2:  Then I steamed ground beef, and diced onion on a medium-high heat on the stove TO cooked, about 8 minutes, and drained excess fat.
Step 3:
I added taco season to beef and returned it to skillet.
The fourth step:
Next, I add 3/4 cup warm water, brought it a boil, then reduce the heat to low also permit it cooking for 5 minutes
Fifth step:
At this time, I added a large layer of foil to two baking sheets lined with butter paper while the beef was cooking.
Sixth step:
Distribute half of the fried beans between the pans. These were very thick, but I just put them on top of the chips. With the heat of the oven, the spoons will spread.
Seventh step:
I added half of the cooked beef to each skillet on top of the chips. And I would like some melted cheese on top, I sprinkle 400gm on top.Step 8:  Okay, I bake it at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.
Step 9:
I removed the casserole from the oven and topped it with sliced ​​tomatoes and chopped green onions. It was served immediately.
Should I consider more toppings for nachos? Let’s put a generous layer in this, shall we? For more options, try these: Cotija cheese, pickled vegetables, fried corn, guacamole sauce, shredded spinach… and many more!! You can be creative!!
Enjoy it!!!

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