Friends Raved About How Amazing Her Home Smelled

Infuse in boiling water (1.2ml) 4 tablespoons of dry basil. You can insert the result into a spray and spray it all over the house.
Say STOP to all products that pollute your environment. Against the bad smells of the house here are natural remedies!
Does your house smell of humidity, cigarette smoke or the smell of Hector, your pet? No need to run and buy an air freshener for the house. This would only mask odors and pollute your environment. For your health, we advise you to use natural air fresheners. To do this, here are some easy recipes to put an end to bad odors!
2/8 Orange candles
Cut the orange in half, then carefully remove all the flesh. The skin should remain intact and form two bowls. Plant the candle wick straight in one of the two, then pour olive oil to cover it. Make an opening in the bottom of the second bowl. Then lay it on the first so that the orange takes shape again. Light your 100% natural scented candle!
3/8 cinnamon candle
Surround your candle with cinnamon sticks so that its scent diffuses delicately.