My mouth is watering just by looking at this homemade hamburger helper! Sauteed ground beef and pasta smothered in a scrumptious, creamy tomato and cheese sauce. This is the pasta of my dreams!


1 garlic clove, minced

1 lb lean ground beef

1 large yellow onion, chopped

2 tbsp all-purpose flour

1 8-ounces can of tomato sauce

2 c. low sodium beef broth

1 tsp seasoned salt

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

2 c. shredded cheddar cheese

½ c. heavy cream

salt and pepper, to taste

2 c. pasta shells (can also use elbow pasta)


Step 1: Cook the ground beef in a large saute pan with a lid over medium-high heat until the meat is no longer pink. Set the cooked ground beef aside when done, setting aside 2 tbsp of grease in the pan.

Step 2: In the same pan, cook the onion for about 5 minutes until tender. In the last 30 seconds of cooking, add the garlic. Then, stir in the flour and cook for about a minute more. Next, gradually stir in the beef broth and allow the mixture to come to a boil.

Step 3: To the pan, add the tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, seasoned salt, smoked paprika, garlic powder, and pasta. Stir well and put the lid on. Continue to cook for another 12 to 15 minutes or until the pasta is done, stirring often.

Step 4: Stir in the cream and cheese until the cheese has melted. Return the ground beef to the pan and cook for an additional 2 to 3 minutes until heated through.

Step 5: Serve the homemade hamburger helper right away. Enjoy!


Add more water or beef or broth to the pasta if it needs more liquid. Feel free to use similar size pasta for the liquid ratio.


Amount Per Serving: CALORIES: 590 | TOTAL FAT: 35g | SATURATED FAT: 18g | TRANS FAT: 1g | UNSATURATED FAT: 13g | CHOLESTEROL: 152mg | SODIUM: 870mg | CARBOHYDRATES: 25g | FIBER: 2g | SUGAR: 4g | PROTEIN: 42g