I need your opinions please say yummy or something to know you favorite meals and homemade recipe

Meaning a Thousand layers
The easiest Dessert/Cake to make.. even in Winter you can’t resist😋
1 Puff Pastry (store bought)
Fresh Strawberries or Raspberries
Jam or homemade Compote
Little milk
Castor or Icing Sugar
Vanilla Essence

Slice raw Pastry into Rectangles or Squares, brush with a little milk, sprinkle sugar over and bake at 200 degrees till golden brown..
Remove and cool down completely.. Whip Cream add Vanilla Essence and Castor sugar.. Slice Pastry in half, spread Strawberry Jam on bottom half, pipe cream on top add Sliced Berries, close with top and dust with Icing sugar.. Drizzle with melted Choc (optional).. U can also use fillings of your choice.. In Summer I use scoops of ice cream instead of cream.