This delicious, easy bake cookie features a milk chocolate center around a soft-bake peanut butter shell and then dipped in powdered sugar. It’s the ultimate combination of flavors for a special treat.
Got a sugary tooth, or just searching for the perfect dessert to quench your sweet cravings? Then look no further than these muddy buddy cookies. These cookies feature the absolute best combination of flavors to give you a treat that you will forever love!
Muddy buddy cookies feature a soft-baked, thick peanut butter cookie with crinkly edges and a smooth milk chocolate center. This core is then dipped in powdered sugar and served with a warm glass of milk or any other drink of your choice. This cake is like the most addicting thing ever, but it’s an addiction that you’d love.
Planning a holiday with friends and family, or a picnic or just a random outing with friends, then these cookies are your go-to to guarantee a doof time. Or you could just make them at home and give yourself a treat. They’ve become a favorite in my household since last October when I first made them – my kids are always demanding that I make them this cookie. Trust me, I’m much obliged.
The good thing with this cookie is that it’s so simple to make. Besides the cooling time needed between each layer, there’s nothing cumbersome about making these cookies. Just follow the steps outlined and in no time, you’d be ready to join the list of muddy buddy addicts.