° 2 big eggs
° half tsp. of salt (regulate salt in your liking)
(optionally available) sprint of floor pepper
° quart length ziplock bag
° optionally available recommendations for fillling…
° chopped inexperienced pepper
° cubed cooked ham
° shredded cheese
° chopped candy onion
° cooked bacon bits
° spinach
° feta cheese
° chopped tomatoes


Make one omelet in a bag at a time
In a medium sized blending bowl, whisk the two eggs, salt and pepper
Add your custom filling to the egg aggregate
Pour the aggregate right into a bag
Refrigerate for up to at least one week earlier than cooking
Keep bloodless in an ice crammed cooler at the same time as tenting
Use an iron skillet over a grate
Melt a dab of butter
Empty contents of a bag and prepare dinner dinner till the rims are firm
Gently push the edges over developing a gap
Tilt the omelet so the raw eggs can fill withinside the gaps and prepare dinner dinner
Continue cooking and tilting till there’s no seen raw egg on top
Flip omelet in 1\/2 and serve immediately

Repeat for every omelet in a bag

Enjoy !