Pasta Shells With Ground Beef

° 1 pound floor red meat.
° 1 sized garlic clove.
° Ground black pepper.
° Seasoning Sazon-Perfecta
° 2 cups medium-sized pasta shells.
° 1/four cup canola oil.
° four cups of water.
° 2 teaspoons of hen broth.
° 4 tsp tomato broth.
° three cubes serrano pepper.
° 1 onion, chopped.
° can. from Rotel.
° Coriander chopped.
° Garlic and onion powder.
° 2 cans of pink soy sauce.
° Medium sized paper
+ Steps to put together this delicious recipe:
Step 1:
Fry the minced meat with minced garlic, black pepper and Saazon Perfecta seasoning to begin the preparation.Step 2:  At the same time, you should fry the noodles with 1/4 cup of butter in a large pan, just like Rooney fried rice.
Step three:
Now it is time to do away with the fats from the floor red meat.The pasta crust should contain red meat.
The fourth step:
You have to then upload water, Knorr Grained Chicken Stock, Chili Cubes, Knorr Grained Tomato Stock, Rutile, and a handful of chopped cilantro, saccharine mould and laurel.  Then adjust amount of garlic also onion powder as wanted .
Fifth step:
 Finally, prepare dinner over medium-excessive warmth till crust softens, and serve
Enjoy !

The best bread recipe I were a success with.Fast, easy and delicious

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