Have you ever tasted something so delicious that it is difficult to bear? This is one of those recipes. When you prepare this recipe, you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven.
* Ingredients :
° Two and a half pounds “Rustian potatoes”
° 3 scrambled eggs
° 1 white onion
° 1 teaspoon sea salt
° 1/2 cup of potato starch
° canola oil
* How to make it :
1.  Be sure to peel and grate the potatoes and onions and put them in a colander as they will be very liquid. permit them rest for 11 min . It is best to contact them with a paper towel in case you are in a hurry. Don’t worry if it’s still watery. I’ve totally missed this phase a few times, especially when I was in a hurry.
2. Transfer the potato and onion mixture into a bowl and add salt and beaten eggs. And please mix it while using potato starch.
3. Heat a frying pan with canola oil, about ½ cup. Then take a mixing ladle and form a small disk, about 3 inches in diameter, and flatten it. Drop 3/4 of the pancakes into the oil all at once.
4. Cook for a few minutes, until golden brown and then flip to cook on the other side, about 3 minutes on each hand. Remember to continue until the mixture is completely used up. You may need to add a little oil between batches.
5. Once done, remove the pancakes from the pan and let them dry on a baking sheet lined with a paper towel to help drain some of the oil. Make sure to serve it warm or enjoy your regular apple sauce!
Enjoy !