Seafood Mac and Cheese

How To Make Seafood Mac and Cheese?

My whole family loved it. It was amazingly easy and quick to make!



339 g cooked macaroni.

2 chopped onions.

200 g prawns.

200 g mini scallops.

200 g mussels.

200 g clams

400 ml 35% cream.

3 large spoons of olive oil.

3 large spoon ground parsley.

100 ml white wine/ salt/pepper


Step 1:

In a pan, heat the olive oil. Add onions & cook for 4 min. Add the shrimp/scallops/ mussels & clams. Add white wine. Covering and stew for 5 min.

Step 2:

Remove cover. Pour in the cream. Add salt and pepper. Stew over low heat for 5 min.

Step 3:

Join cooked macaroni at the pan. Let warm for 6 minutes. Serve directly.