strawberry and kiwi water

Agua de Fresas y Kiwi (strawberry and kiwi water ) 🍓🥝🍓🥝🍓🥝🍓🥝🥤🥤
Mamabears way 🐾
1 16 oz container strawberries 🍓
6 kiwis 🥝
2 gal pitcher
Ice 🧊
Soak sliced strawberries in 5 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar for 20- 30 min. (Kills bugs 🐛 and bacteria ) (optional) Rinse clean , add to blender with kiwis, 5 cups of water , and sugar. I used a little over 1 cup, blend then strain into a pitcher. Add more water if needed and stir. Serve cold or with ice.
Enjoy 😎🏜⛱🌞🥤🍓

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