The BEST Taco Pasta


Ground beef: 1.5 Pound
Garlic: 1 clove (med)
Black pepper
Sazon perfecta seasoning
Pasta shells: 2 cups of medium-size
Oil: 1/4 cup
Water: 4 cups
Granulated knorr chicken bouillon: 2 tablespoons
Granulated knorr tomato bouillon: 4 tablespoons
Serrano chiles: 3 (diced)
Onion: ½ (chopped)
Rotel: 1 can
Cilantro: a handful (chopped)
Garlic and onion powder to taste
Red sazon: 2 packets
Leaf: 1 bay


To start off the recipe, go ahead and brown the ground beef with chopped garlic, black pepper, and Sazon perfecta seasoning.
In the meantime, brown pasta shells in 1/4 cup of oil (just as you would brown rice a Roni) in a deep skillet.
Ok now, you can drain the grease from your ground beef. You’ll want to add the meat to the pasta shells.
You can then add water, granulated knorr chicken bouillon, diced serrano chiles, the granulated knorr tomato bouillon, half of the onion, Rotel, a handful of chopped cilantro, the red Sazon, bay. After that, you need to add garlic and onion powder according to your taste.
And please stir and cover. Finally, cook on medium-high until your shells are aldente and immediately serve & ENJOY !!