To Make the Most Unexceptional Wedge Salad You’ve Ever Tasted

To Make the Most Unexceptional Wedge Salad You’ve Ever Tasted

A delicious side for the summer (and all seasons, for that matter) is a fresh side salad. One salad that goes with everything is a classic wedge salad; covered in blue cheese, tomato, and bacon bits, this slice of salad presents as well as it tastes. If you want to serve this delicious salad at your next dinner party but you’re tired of the same old side, try this twist on this traditional salad. You’ll get all the crunchy texture and fresh flavors of your usual wedge salad in a fun new way! Watch the video below to see how you can up your salad game this summer.

Revamped Wedge Salad


Iceberg lettuce, cut into discs

6 oz. blue cheese

2/3 cup mayo

Vegetable oil

White wine vinegar

Cherry or grape tomatoes

Bacon bits



Cut your lettuce into a disc shape. Before you begin making the salad, make sure you’ve let your lettuce sit in the freezer to get really cold and crunchy. Remove the salad from the freezer and set the discs to the side to dry.

In a bowl, make your blue cheese dressing. Put your blue cheese into your bowl first, then add you mayo, oil, and vinegar. Whisk to combine.

Start your salad by putting some dressing onto your lettuce first, to act as a glue. Top with tomatoes, bacon, chives, and finish off with one final dollop of dressing.


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