Turkey Wings & Turkey Stock

The benefits of Turkey meat :

1. It protects you from colorectal cancer, as it is rich in minerals, most notably selenium, which is an antioxidant.

2. Protects you from cancer of the mineral because it contains vitamins B12 and B6, and it also contains choline.

3. It helps maintain insulin levels in the blood.

4. It helps maintain muscle mass because it contains fatty substances and many amino acids.

5. It helps to provide you with energy and activity because it contains vitamin B, which is known as niacin, which increases the efficiency of energy production, cell communication, and red blood cells.

6. It reduces the risk of iron deficiency anemia because it contains many minerals, such as selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

7. Helps improve mood because it increases serotonin levels in the body, which is responsible for alertness and improving mood in humans.

8. It helps in boosting the immune system and relieving symptoms of multiple sclerosis, since it contains the amino acid tryptophan, which has a major role in strengthening immunity.

Benefits of turkey meat for men

Turkey meat is a protein-rich food that is good for men.

Protein is important for muscle growth and maintenance. It gives structure to cells and helps transport nutrients around the body.
In addition, a high-protein diet may support weight loss by promoting feelings of fullness.
Two thick slices (84 grams) of turkey contain 24 grams of protein — which is 48% of the DV.
What’s more, turkey may be a healthier alternative to red meat, as some observational studies link red meat to an increased risk of colon cancer and heart disease.
However, other studies claim that processed meat — not red meat itself — has a negative effect on health.
Benefits of turkey meat for pregnant women

Being a rich source of Vitamin B6, turkey facilitates the donation of methyl in the essential cellular process of “methylation”. Through this process, methyl groups are transferred from one molecule to another resulting in the formation of a wide range of active molecules that are important to the body.

It contains tryptophan, which produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps improve your mood. Tarbutane also plays an important role in strengthening the immune system, as evidenced by scientific evidence.
Vitamin B6 and niacin found in turkey are essential for energy production in the body. Niacin is also important for converting proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the body into usable energy.
Benefits of turkey meat for bodybuilding

Turkey meat is rich in protein and is therefore ideal for bodybuilding.

Skinless, white turkey is low in fat and an excellent source of high protein.
Turkey is a very rich source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, and the amino acid tryptothan.

Prep Time : 5 mins
Cook Time : 1 hr
Total Time : 1 hr 5 mins

8 Whole Turkey Wings
1/4 cup olive oil
3 tbsp poultry seasoning
kosher salt and pepper to pepper to taste
carrots, onions, celery, parsley, if making turkey stock
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Place turkey wings in a large casserole dish or on a baking sheet, keeping in mind that the turkey will release its juices and you don’t want them to run over – so it should be a pan with sides!
Brush both sides of the wings with olive oil. Sprinkle with poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. Cover wings with foil and place them in the oven for 30 minutes.
Remove wings from the oven, raise the temperature of the oven to 425, remove the foil and put them back in the oven for an additional 30 minutes. This should give you nice crispy wings! Treat these just like you would chicken wings. Toss them in wing sauce, hot sauce, whatever you like. But these are also delicious right out of the oven!!
MAKE TURKEY STOCK with the leftover bones and pan drippings! Dump pan drippings, leftover bones, and wing stuff into a slow cooker. Add 2-3 carrots chopped into a few pieces, a quartered onion, a handful of parsley, a piece of celery, or any combination of veggie drawer paraphernalia that could possibly go into turkey stock. (This is an excellent way to clear out the vegetable drawer! I have been known to use carrot tops!) Fill the slow cooker to the top with water, set it on low and let it cook all night. The next morning, turn off the slow cooker and let it cool until you can handle the stock without getting burned. Use a kitchen spider (or a slotted spoon) to remove the large pieces of turkey bones and vegetables. Place a strainer or cheese cloth over the top of your Ball or Mason jar and ladle stock into clean jars. The strainer will remove any leftover bits that you don’t want in your stock. Put the lids on the jars and place them in the fridge or the freezer. The amount of stock you end up with will depend on the size of your slow cooker. I have a gigantic one and put away more than 3 quarts of the most flavorful turkey stock, made from things that I would have otherwise put in the trash. Bring on holiday cooking!! I am ready!

Recipe Notes
Note: turkey wings vary in size. Larger wings will take a bit longer. Make sure your poultry reaches 165 degrees when the temperature is taken in the thickest part of the wing. Meat should be white not pink.