Why You Should Put a Bowl on Top of Your Cake Before You Cut It.

When you imagine cutting a cake, you probably imagine using a large serving knife to cut randomly sized triangles from the outside of your cake, right? Well, there are a few problems with that willy-nilly technique — namely, not cutting even pieces for everyone present.

Be honest, when the job of cake cutting is bequeathed to you, it can be pretty stressful. Personally, I tend to give some people huge pieces while other people get teeny-tiny pieces and the cake itself gets completely mangled as I try to cut evenly triangular pieces. In the end, nobody gets a fair slice and your beautiful cake ends up lopsided or hacked up.

If you’re working with a large, round cake, there’s a really simple way to slice up the dessert so that everyone gets an evenly sized piece. All you need to do is make a guideline in the center frosting of the cake that you can follow all the way around.

The best way to do that? With an average bowl from your kitchen.

On the Rachel Ray Show, they demonstrate how a regular sized salad bowl or mixing bowl can make the sticky job of cake cutting so incredibly easy. This is a hack that caterers and restaurant pros use on a daily basis, and now they’re sharing this clever industry trick with the rest of us.
They start by taking a bowl that will fit within the center of your cake and still allow for five or six inches around the outside edge; this will, obviously, depending on the size of the cake you’re working with.


Place the bowl directly in the center of your cake and use the edge of it as a guide. Using a large knife, cut around the outside of your bowl, essentially creating a smaller cake within the larger cake.

To see the final step of this hack in action, you’ll have to watch the Rachel Ray video below. But trust us, this is a brilliant tip that any party host will be glad to know for the next time they’re serving a large group! Hosting for a crowd can be overwhelming and it’s little tricks like this that make you the ultimate planner.


What do you think of this cake cutting hack? Do you have a different way of cutting a cake that’s a little unusual? If you’re looking for some other unique ways to hack this problem, check out one of our favorite tips here.