Corn Fritters

Nothing puts a smile on a Southerner’s face like deliciously crisp golden corn fritters fresh out of the fryer. This recipe is undeniably simple and oh-so tasty. With less than 10 ingredients, corn fritters are the perfect choice for a scrumptious and last minute side dish. This recipe came to us from Lynne Weeks in Midland, Georgia, back in the 1980s, and it has stood the test of time with our readers ever since.

The flavorful finger food is complete with milk, sugar, and fresh corn for a sweet and hearty addition to your Southern meal. Golden corn fritters are a comforting and nostalgic dish that pleases the crowd every time. Reminiscent of hush puppies – a true delicacy below the Mason Dixon – these tasty treats are much lighter and richer in taste. Next time you’re having barbeque, fried chicken, game-day food, or red beans and rice, be sure to give these golden corn fritters a try!

Not convinced? With only 30 minutes of hands-on time, this recipe is the Southern side you didn’t know your picnic needed, and it won’t keep you in the kitchen all day.

These super corn fritters will make you fall in love again with this Kiwi classic. All it takes is three easy steps to make – perfect for breakfast, lunch or anytime of the day.
Serves 4

1 can whole kernel corn
2 eggs
Salt & pepper to taste
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 shredded cheese
1 pat butter
2 tbsp oil
Drain corn and discard liquid.
Put eggs, salt and pepper in a bowl and beat.
Add flour and baking powder, whisk until smooth.
Add corn and cheese.
Put butter and oil in frypan, Heat until bubbly over medium heat.
Drop corn mixture in spoonful lots into frypan.
When golden turn and cook other side.
Drain on absorbent paper and serve.